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Threats and risks are increasing and evolving.

Threats to the security of your information can come from inside and outside your organisation. Your information in all forms (for example, electronic, printed or spoken) needs to be appropriately protected. Information stored and processed on IT systems or mobile devices is vulnerable to cyber-specific threats.

We are far more exposed today than ever before.

There is no one solution for everyone. Your business and your security needs are unique, and any solution that’s going to be completely effective is going to have to be customized for you. That’s what we do. We sit down with you and go over your network and your current security solutions. We then look for ways to make your security stronger and your overall computer network more efficient. Sometimes, that means you only need a few changes, while other times, we may recommend doing a much more comprehensive upgrade. 

TechExpress offers a complete IT Assessment of your technology systems to identify any vulnerabilities you may have. This service is conducted by Jack Ping in person, and it is free for “small” businesses in Greater Vancouver area. This IT Assessment offers advanced reporting and scanning to evaluate your system for any security problems or compliance issues that may be lurking in your computers, servers, network, routers, mainframes, switches, data centers and more. With our help, you can put your mind at ease by knowing exactly what steps, if any, are needed to keep your information safe. 

TechExpress IT Assessment helps your business by making sure: 

  • Your network is free of any trouble spots.
  • Your hardware and software are all up-to-date and safe against cyber threats.
  • Your servers are performing at peak efficiency.
  • Your IT and data are secure.
  • Your IT systems are the best you can get for promoting your business goals and operations

Don’t leave your business at the risk of being crippled by security vulnerabilities and out-dated solutions that you can fix now. Schedule your IT assessment with TechExpress. We will make sure you know your IT systems are safe and secure, so you can make sure your tech is working for you, and not against.