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Microsoft Small Business Server Pro

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We’re experts in all areas of Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) software and applications. Jack Ping and his team of skilled associates bring rare experience to the task, because they’ve been doing it since SBS 4.5 was first introduced in 1999.

From set-up to configuration; monitoring to administration; and updates to the most challenging migrations, we’ve done it all. In fact, we routinely support other IT firms and IT consultants with their SBS projects and technical challenges.

We’ve worked closely with the Microsoft Small Business Server Development and Support Teams, and helped pioneer deployment of the latest software versions of SBS in Greater Vancouver for years.

TechExpress Systems SBS Expertise Includes:

  • Microsoft SBS 4.5
  • Microsoft SBS 2000
  • Microsoft SBS 2003
  • Microsoft SBS 2008
  • Microsoft SBS 2011