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Ubiquiti & UniFi – A Line of Networking

ubiquiti & unifi

UniFi is Ubiquiti’s line of networking equipment with different models of wireless access points, routers, switches, security cameras, controller appliances, VoIP phones, and access control products. UniFi equipment exists somewhere between enterprise and cheap home networking gear. It’s in the middle ground, offering more flexibility and features than most consumer-grade brands, but lacking the expense and complexity of enterprise.

Ubiquiti Inc. (formerly Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.) is an American technology company founded in San Jose, California, in 2003 now based in New York City. Ubiquiti manufactures and sells wireless data communication and wired products.

Everyone has experienced limited Wi-Fi functionality and poor coverage, especially in crowded areas. An Ubiquiti UniFi network could be the solution. Consumer devices can offer limited functionality and poor coverage.

Ubiquiti product lines include UniFi, AmpliFi, EdgeMax, UISP, AirMax, AirFiber, GigaBeam and UFiber. The most common product line is UniFi which is focused on home and business wired and wireless networking. UniFi controller is a software package that can either run on special hardware (UniFi Cloudkeys, UniFi Dream Machine) or can be installed on Linux, Mac or Windows. The controller manages all connected devices (access points, routers, switches, cameras, locks) and provides a single point for configuration and administration.

We at TechExpress Systems have completed 5 Ubiquiti projects this year. The above photo is one of them, which involves 17 UniFi Gen2 PoE switches and 28 UniFi wireless access points.

Our first Ubiquiti project was back to early 2014, which was to setup a pair weather proof airFiber access points (“AF24”) to create a 1KM gigabit point to point wireless bridge. They had been working flawlessly with zero down time for years.

Here are a few reasons why we like Ubiquiti


Ubiquiti is very affordable. It’s generally 2 or 3 times cheaper than Cisco.


Ubiquiti is reliable. We rarely see a hardware failure.


All Ubiquiti UniFi devices on the network can be easily managed from one dashboard
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