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    Why We Deploy Ubiquiti

    December 31, 2020 no comment

    We have completed 5 Ubiquiti projects this year. The above photo is one of them, which involves 17 UniFi Gen2 PoE switches and 28 UniFi wireless access points.
    Our first Ubiquiti project was back to early 2014, which was to setup a pair weather proof airFiber access points (“AF24”) to create a 1KM gigabit point to point wireless bridge. They had been working flawlessly with zero down time for years.
    Here are a few reasons why we like Ubiquiti
    – Cost
    Ubiquiti is very affordable. It’s generally 2 or 3 times cheaper than Cisco.
    – Quality
    Ubiquiti is reliable. We rarely see a hardware failure.
    – Management
    All Ubiquiti UniFi devices on the network can be easily managed from one dashboard

    Our Ubiquiti project team:
    Miftaul – Network Architect, CCNP
    Edwin – Network Specialist, CCNA
    Alex – Wireless and WiFi specialist
    Jack – Project Manager and Tech Lead

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